JUST Lincolnshire & Total Voice Lincolnshire

I’ve begun volunteering for a local organisation in Lincoln, by contributing my skills in videography by filming and editing for JUST Lincolnshire.

JUST Lincolnshire aims to make a real difference to the lives of people from all backgrounds. By championing equality, tackling discrimination and celebrating the richly diverse make up of Lincolnshire.

The first project I embarked on within the media team was for Total Voice Lincolnshire which JUST Lincolnshire help out with a lot. Six people wrote a short film where they all acted out the processes of, and understanding, how to fill in a new government form PIP (Personal Independence Payment).

The PIP form can present some confusion around specific entitlements to people with different abilities and their current entitlements. Hence, why it was a great way to demonstrate it on film from people with learning disabilities for other people with learning disabilities to understand.

It was a fun day using a simple set up of 2 x Panasonic 151, and a boom mic. One for wide shots and another for close ups. I headed up one camera with Steve Smith on the other, and Tiffany Freeman on sound. Myself and Steve planned and set up the shots adapting to the room capabilities and the mix match of natural light from windows and fluorescent ceiling lights.

Credit to Steve Smith for editing, especially with a few colour correction issues surrounding the mixed lighting throwing the white balance off.

Seeing the enjoyment from the group was heart warming and taught me a lot of patience for actors with different learning abilities. Definitely looking forward to the next media team project with JUST Lincolnshire and Total Voice Lincolnshire!

Link to video available soon, awaiting permissions.