The Gemini Project

This project was set up, by Hazel Donnelly at New Media Lincs, to work with the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Arts Collective Service. Long name I know but they’re a great organisation that focus on mental health patients and their rehabilitation through the arts.

The Gemini Project is headed up by Terry Overton and has been running since 1995 takes on a new creative challenge each year. Over the summer of 2013 they began creating mosaics to decorate and brighten up a once dull courtyard at Discovery House, Lincoln.

My role in this project was to capture journey they all took in planning, drawing, preparing the mosaics, cutting and sticking, planting them in the courtyard and most importantly the journey of their rehabilitation.

Shot almost completely on my Canon 7D, with a time lapse shot constructed using a GoPro Hero 2. Capturing The Gemini Project was a collaboration with Jess Brear who focused mainly on the interviews with the organisers of the project.

I creatively set the tone for the 10 minute documentary exploring different camera angles to portray the narrative. A reoccurring issue of censorship arose a few times with some patients not wanting to be on any footage at all. Mitigating this risk was easily done a few times by giving them the camera to have a play with and understand what we’re filming. This ensured they weren’t in that direct footage and also kept them engaged and didn’t single them out of the project.

The finished documentary was showcased at an NHS exhibition day, in Lincoln’s Showroom, for health care and the arts within the NHS.

You can view it here.

Next In 2014 The Gemini Project is focusing on making elaborate hats and bonnets.