NAGS (Newton Academy for Girls in Science)

NAGS is a scheme for girls aged 10-11 (Year 6) which helps introduce them to everything fun about science and its capabilities. It’s in partnership with the University of Lincoln, The Lincoln UTC, Vex Robotics, Singleton Birch, Siemens and WiSE@Lincoln.

I aided with filming on the day using the incredible Canon C100 with Steve Smith. We were filming for John Stacy, the College Marketing Manager for the College of Science, capturing the essence of the day as the girls started in the computer science labs building remote controlled robots, and later programming them to run mazes unmanned.

Using the C100 was an interesting learning experience as I picked it up quite easy being from a Canon background. The only time consuming aspect was it only having prime lenses, so for close ups and wides we were constantly interchanging lenses to suit the shot.

For a few shots we used a simple Marantz and boom mic to capture opening and closing talks to summate the day.

The launch event went swimmingly and the girls really enjoyed their time exploring science.

Video to come soon.