At first glance, Sergio Figliolia appears to have photographed quiet areas with carefully lit lampposts. Until you read his concept behind it.


He argues that the lamposts are ‘the only incarnation of public services’. He argues that the light is an ongoing battle between humans and nature, each lamppost is like a safe refuge. He goes on to say the lampposts are like flags we humans have placed in victory after completing a short conquest over the dark.

Figliolia’s approach to production is inspiring to me. I can almost see his thought process in his head. He obviously sees lampposts a lot and began to create a metaphor for them, like alternate symbol. He then went out and captured the common lampposts in desolate areas to accentuate his new symbolism. Then with the accompanying words he reinforces his thoughts on the subject.

This is definitely something I need to develop in my work: creating the back story behind the photographs. Something to trigger different emotions from the images and/or reinforce what is already apparent within them.