AM Industrial Photoshoot

Today was a new experience in product photography.
AM Industrial manufacture pipe inspection cameras ranging from push rod systems to remote control cameras that power through sewage to give eyes into the unknown world of drainage.

Using my 7D with 18-55mm lens I was set up in close quarters of the showroom. Using a fluorescent mains power light to illuminate the background and my Canon 430-EX paired with the on board 7D sync to bring out the products.

Powering through the day photographing around 20 products from all angles, the main thing I learnt was timing. My initial thoughts were once the lighting and camera settings were established it would be a quick job to switch products and get into a good momentum. Oh how wrong I was.
It’s a very long day as I made sure every shot form every angle was done with a change in lighting (adjusting the aperture) as a contingency if some lightings produced better shots.

I did use a clever iPad app to plan the lighting and placement of my shot. ‘Celtx Shots’ is easy to use and was a great visual aid for pre-production. I will definitely be using this for all my photography shots and videography projects from now on.

The editing process on Adobe Photoshoot will be long as it will be extracting the background to create transparent backgrounds for the images to be used in catalogues.

Thoughts and review of editing will be in later blog post.