Harsent Looks At Unoccupied Spaces

Simon Harsent is a photographer I’ve just discovered and fell in love with immediately. His work is so simple, yet always provides enough intrigue from a single image to explore more of his projects.

His project Beautiful Games focuses on the empty football pitches after match days and some disused pitches; their emptiness is emphasised with irregular compositions.



These spaces are usually completely forgotten about until that hour and a half where 22 men run around (debatable, they’re usually diving on the floor) with a ball. Fans often comment on the atmosphere being incomparable to watching at home from your screen. I wonder if this is the same for the atmosphere Harsent experienced when capturing these action-less spaces.

I’ve found from looking at unoccupied spaces, there always seems to be an eerie atmosphere. Personally, I feel this is subconscious because I’ve researched, prior to visiting, the past of the space and buildings I’m visiting, and I’m very skeptical about paranormal activities.


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