JR and José Parla – Wrinkles of the City

JR and Jose Parla collaborated and produced 25 portraits of old people. Although, not portraits like you’ve seen them before. ‘Wrinkles of the City’ is a series of portraits captured and printed to a huge scale and then wheat pasted onto the sides of walls and abandoned buildings.


The chosen exhibiting method for these photos is perfect, the dilapidated buildings provide perfect emphasis for the subjects. They are old, wrinkly and may look on their last legs, but they are still standing. Their wrinkles are metaphors for the urban texture and history.

With reference to Banksy, street artist JR has taken it to another level of size and such a longer process than spraying cartoons through a stencil. Where Banksy exhibited his political propaganda through this medium, JR and José Parla presented us with old relics of the city that have still withstood through the vast socio-economic changes.

Each subject captured had a story, detailed in the published book, about how Havana, Cuba, has changed over time. Some images were pasted in random spaces, others in relation to heritage of the city, and others to a certain area the subject was explaining during their interview and portrait with JR.

There will be a documentary film ‘in 2013’ (very definitive of a time..) about the project.


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