Serge Maes – Ambiguous City

Although this may just look like street photography, Serge Maes is engaging with his environment to gain something from what we would look past. Photographing the little things in life, you may say.

Serge Maes

He stated the images were not to tell a story but more to show the viewer how he perceives the world through his camera.

This is something I need to focus more on, engaging with my surroundings more and becoming more free with the camera. At the moment I am quite reserved and look for objects to create images and spending a significant amount of time producing a photo from this scene. Maes’ approach is aspiring to me, in that I need to let go and capture my surroundings as they are, naturally as we first see them.


There’s only so much you can talk about wanting to do something and photograph more like someone, and then there’s actual production and going out and shooting.


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