Trish Morrissey – Front

Her work ‘Front’ was a series where she invaded families on a beach and swapped herself in for the matriarchal figure (mother; female in the group).


The beach is a public area, in a sense that anyone can enter and stay on one, with little limitations, but the areas that we, the public, inhabit almost become our private little sections. We guard them, make them our own with blankets, use wind breaks as barriers against other families. Morrissey discards this social paradigm and becomes apart of their family, for a short period of time in the sense of the physical ‘in person’ but, also, she immortalises herself with the family in the form of the photograph.

This immortalisation through photographs was usually limited to how long the physical print would last, but now thanks to the digital revolution it feels a little more indefinite, or at least until we have a power cut.

I’ve always had the impression that Morrissey escapes her own life, through her work, by taking on the roles of other people, such as her ‘Seven Years’, where she dressed up as her parents and recreated old family photos.


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