24 HOURS IN is a project to generate collaboration of user generated footage from mobile phones, building around the concept of viewing 24 hours in a city.

The fact it is user generated content draws on a completely new platform of documentaries, usually only viewed from one perspective, the director’s, this is quite a communist approach, whereas the 24 HOURS IN approach is more favourable to democracy and exploring the diverse people around the world.

24 HOURS IN makes strong reference to Dziga Vertov’s innovative Man with a Movie Camera (1929). It was a documentary style but, unlike films at the time used no intertitles, actors, sets or scenarios. In essence trying to capture natural environments, nothing staged like films, and present them in (almost) a non-chronological structure.

This concept, giving the power back to the individuals, is very relative to my current photography research towards Media Project 2 this semester. I’m looking at how certain activities we do are taking responsibility back to ourselves by rebelling against the common practice of following the crowd like sheep. 24 HOURS IN is giving the power back to users who wish to submit to the project and taking responsibility for content they can view, rather than being spoon fed from producers and directors with their narrow vision of a subject.


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