Diverse Media

Researching photographers relative to my concept and theme proves challenging. Primarily because there isn’t many photographers who have produced in this area, which is positive feedback for me to follow forward with my project. From this research I have learnt that as photographers, we are not just niched into using a camera and only viewing other photographs as research.

My aims for this project are to be site specific, using the local public area as my exhibition space. This is not uncommon practice in today’s art world. For instance, critically acclaimed urban artist, Banksy is arguably one of the most famous street artists by graffitiing his political activist images on streets all round the UK (and a few other countries). Banksy is a massive influence for this project regarding the legalities of displaying work in public areas, the content of the images that are in public and most importantly the original concept of wanting to pose a message to the public.

(To be continued)


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